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    2. ACExMarkdown Editor (AMD)
    3. Saturday, 29 April 2017
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    I'm a Joomla noob and I've just created my 1st site w Joomla 3.7.0. I'm a huge Markdown fan (weird that all the major PHP CMS' don't natively support MD!?) and I was thrilled to find our ACExMarkdown Editor. I've installed it and it works great on the backend, but it doesn't seem to render on the frontend - pages simply display with all the MD codes on them and no formatting.

    Is there anything else I need to setup for this?

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    Asika Accepted Answer
    Try enable Akmarkdown content plugin
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    2. ACExMarkdown Editor (AMD)
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    Thank you, i installed the package that you gave me and it works fine
    Hi, try install this package: https://github.com/ventoviro/windwalker-joomla-rad/releases/download/2.1.11/windwalker-rad-2.1.11.zip A mistake earlier that we upload a wrong package file to upgrade
    Also i don t know where is this library plugin to download it and install it, to see if the problem is only in the progress of update. The only that i made is to install again the remoteimage componen
    OK, I can confirm this issue in 3.7 frontend. Please wait for next version we will fix this problem.
    Hi Asika That's version 2.0.11 dated 2014-1-11 which is the one I have. Just to be sure I uninstalled / re-installed - same result, intro and full content image selection don't work from the frontend

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