Asikart Ezset is an all-in-one Joomla setup helper, you can rename .htaccess file, control cache pages, auto get metadata for SEO and many other features.

    Auto SEO

    Auto get metadata and Facebook opengraph tags from articles. Set page title with site name and category name.


    Hide administrator URL, IP block and folder access protectation.


    Insert code in article, module and head, language orphan to get untranslated keys.

    Alias Translate

    Auto translate alias from your langauge to English so you won't warry about the meaningless URL.

    Quick Backup

    A quick backup system to help you backup or migrate your site.


    Create your addon to extend Ezset for site development or supporting more extensions.

    Google Webmaster

    Quick insert webmaster verification and Analytics code to and a simple articles XML sitemap generator.

    Simple Blog Layout

    Auto format blog/feature to a simple layout with intro text and preview image.


    Add favicon, custom CSS, fast design your site with any template.

    All Features


    • Basic
      • Replace meta¬†generator title.
      • Add Google Analytics.
      • Add Google Webmaster verification code.
      • Insert custom code to (support PHP)
    • Security
      • Administrator URL protect
      • IP block/allow
      • Folder protect by .htaccess
    • Control Cache
      • Static cache enable/disable by pages and menus.
    • Development
      • Log language orphan keys.
    • SEO
      • Page title with site name and category name.
      • Remove some folder from robots.txt for Google SEO.
    • Backup
      • Simple backup system.
      • An installation helper to reinstall backup site.
    • Quick configuration setting
      • Enable SEF with mod_rewrite.
      • Auto rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess
      • Reset log and tmp path.
      • Set session time to 150 min.
      • Quick Timezone setting.


    • Favicon
      • Add Frontend or Admin favicons.
    • Custom CSS
      • Quick add a custom.css to customize every sites.
    • Other
      • The Joomla logo in admin left top now can always link to root.


    • Editing
      • Tidy Repair content text to avoid the readmore line break HTML tag.
      • Confirm leave box when you want to leave article edit page.
      • Save first image to intro_image
      • Auto thumb images if manually resize them.
    • Blog
      • Simple blog layout.
      • Preview image and strip introtext HTML.
      • Crop blog preview image to square.
      • Control simple blog layout with pages filter.
    • SEO
      • Simple XML sitemap for articles, categories and menus.
      • Alias translate. (Need a Google API key)
      • Auto get metadata from introtext if you didn't set it.
      • Facebook opengraph tags (og:images, og:description etc.)
      • Facebook like box.
    • Code insertion
      • Insert PHP code to article content by { ezcode [...]} (Similar to Jumi)
      • Custom PHP or HTML code before/after article title and content.
    • Layout Presets
      • One-click set article config to some formats.


    • Simple web command
      • Execute PHP code without creating any extension.
      • Use web command as your ajax intro.
    • Event Listener
      • You can write any code to listen Joomla events without creating a plugin.
    • Extending your own addons
      • Create your addon for different sites or clients with admin control panel.
      • Add your own quick settings for your team.
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